Must-have Resources for Advertising Books on Amazon

I use those tools all the time for my own books, for my customers’ books and I recommend them to all my prospects so they can improve their book pages before running their ads.

Nonfiction Book Description Formula

I used this formula to create book descriptions for my 5 last books. It may not be perfect- my other books sold tons of copies without this formula – but it has one huge advantage: it is provided in a step-by step format. Anyone can follow Kevin’s guidelines. They are so clear! It’s a formula.

I can send the link to my prospects and all they need to do is to follow the process. It’s hands-off for me.

And this formula sells tons of copies. I remember I started ads for my friend’s book, because he insisted. We didn’t change his book description, which was the usual rambling mishmash an author writes when he does not follow any formula.

We drowned $40 on ads. Surprisingly, the book got many impressions and clicks, but nobody was buying. We quickly changed the book description according to Kevin’s formula and the book started to sell. The ads became profitable.

Headline Analyzer by Content Scheduler

I say it’s free, because I use it for free. When I signed up for this tool, they said it’s a free trial, but a few years later I still can use the tool for free.

And I do that for almost every blog post title and each Medium article. I also use it often to advise my customers on their book description headlines -the first sentence in the description that is often the only sentence that a reader reads before deciding to purchase a book.

The tool is awesome. It not only tells you if your headline is good or not, it actually teaches you copywriting. You may scroll down the page and analyze which elements make your headline good and which not so.

I love all the content provided by Content Schedule around this tool- list of power words or emotional words and all the articles explaining how to write a compelling content. It’s pure gold.


This website is a resource for self-publishers on its own. Each piece of content on that website is high-quality. I know, because I contributed my own article to Kindlepreneur and it was pain in the butt to live up to Dave’s standards.

Here comes the few resources on this site which I consider especially awesome and use over and over again:

AMS ads course

Dave Chesson claims that there are much better courses than his. I very much doubt it. I checked a couple of other courses. The quality was comparable in my opinion. But Dave’s course is absolutely free whereas other courses’ price start at $97. Beat that Spider-Man!

Book Description Generator

There are at least several other free generators of HTML descriptions for Amazon on the Internet. This one is simply the best. I recommend it to my customers.
It’s very easy to use. More than a few of my prospects who were not tech-savvy used it with success to improve their book description formatting without my help. his tool is another time-saver for me.

Publisher Rocket

This is the only tool here that is NOT free. But it’s very well worth its price. I made thousands of dollars thanks to Publisher Rocket and it costs only $97. It accelerates harvesting keywords on Amazon like nothing else and it has a few other cool features. If you run AMS ads for your books, it is a must.

It’s also more than handy in researching Amazon categories and keywords for your new book.

This basic toolset contains everything you need for optimizing your book(s) page(s) and run your ads.

The free killer trio of Kruse’s formula, headline analyzer and book description generator from Kindlepreneur is especially useful.

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