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Peter Smith, Speaker & Author

Working with Michal was easily the best decision I made regarding the promotion of my book on Amazon.
In just a couple of months, he was able to 10x my books sales and helped me climb to the ‘top sellers’ list in my categories. I highly recommend working with him for your book.

I have sold thousands of books that would never have been sold without Michal’s service. He is one of the very few marketers who cares about my success as much as I do. I believe he will do what is best for you and your business if you hire him.

Michal Stawicki (right)
guest speaking for Chad Jeffers (left)
about entrepreneurship and persistence.

Who is Michal?

Michal Stawicki is an expert at Amazon Book Advertising, successfully published author of many books, writing coach and database expert. With his background in analysis and real world experience in marketing his many books, he began to help others bring their book sales back to life.

This is your opportunity to work with a peer who genuinely cares about your success and understands the importance of what you do as a writer. Your true gifts should be focused and expressed through your words. Michal is here to be your partner in success by taking on the heavy lifting for you.

How Does It Work?

Application Process

  • You submit your data (hint: fill the form!).
  • I assess your book(s)’ advertising potential.
  • IF approved, I reach out to you and invite you to our joint venture.

On-Boarding Process

  • I send you detailed guidelines how to improve your book page(s).
  • You follow my guidelines to the “T”.
  • You create the AMS account/ my editor’s account in parallel.
  • You decide on your budget

Happily Ever After

  • I create your ads & I track your results.
  • At the beginning of each month, we estimate and share profits
  • OR I calculate profits and issue an invoice

Brenda Paulos, Christian Fiction Author

In 2017, my book sales were slow. My marketing plan needed revision.
Thankfully, I discovered Michal Stawicki! His work at Resurrecting Books resulted in my Kindle sales increasing by six times the previous year just in the first three months of 2018 alone!
My paperback and audiobooks have increased in sales, too. I consider it a blessing to work with Michal.

Som Bathla, Full-Time Self-Help Author (15 Books & Counting)

I found Michal’s services rewarding in terms of increased royalties and also quite satisfactory as it allowed me to focus entirely on my research and writing, while all the voluminous work of finding keywords, putting Amazon ads was handled by him.
This helped me to gain more time to settle down and learn the author business better and improve myself. I definitely recommend his services to any author.

More Details…

What is your your process?

I run only keyword-based ads, aka Sponsored Product ads. I’ve collected over 70,000 high-performance keywords and will run 240 ads for each of your books (depending on a genre).
I bid always very low aiming for long-tail keywords. Your ads will most likely NOT be displayed on the first page of ads. Instead, they WILL be profitable.
99.99% of time I don’t tweak the running ads. It’s not worth my time. Experience of many authors proved that running a truly successful AMS ads (300% ROI and more) is a matter of at least half-time commitment.
I keep an eye on the every ad I run for my customers on a daily basis. If they appear to be drainers, I will spot that within a few days.

What results should I expect?

The books I advertise sell about 50 additional copies a month on average. The median is about 30, meaning that 50% of books sell less than 30 copies a month with my ads and 50% sell more than that.
Fiction tends to do worse than nonfiction. It never happened with fiction books, but some nonfiction books just took off like a rocket, selling a few to several hundred copies a month. You never know till you try.

What are my responsibilities?

You will:
-prepare your book page(s) – follow up my optimization strategy to the “T”,
-determine your monthly budget (I suggest $100 a month per book),
-create the Amazon Marketing Services account (if you don’t have one yet),
-create the editor’s account for me.

What are my costs?

Amazon is not a charity, so they will charge you for ads of your book(s) from day #1.
Advertising on Amazon, the way I do it, costs about $3 a day per book. This is a rule-of-thumb-metric gained from the experience of running ads for 100+ books. It varies wildly from book to book (from 25 cents a day up to $20 a day).

I work as an editor of your AMS ads, which means I have full access to all ads-related operations and ONLY to those operations. I won’t know your password nor can access your personal data (address, credit card info, etc.) .

What is your fee?

I’m paid for results. My standard renumeration model is 100% guarantee for you and 50-50 net profit split.

I guarantee that running ads through my service will NOT cost you a dime. Either they are profitable or I will return you the difference between ads’ cost and royalties. I can also guarantee you won’t be involved in the day-to-day work of creating, maintaining and tracking your ads. I’m paid by results. No results, no pay. In fact, if your ads cost overran your royalties, I’ll return you the difference. There is literally no financial risk for you.

— Michal Stawicki

Increase Your Amazon Book Sales…on Autopilot!
Let an Expert Run Your Ads While You Collect Royalties